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Times are uncertain but learning should not be. We know this will be a challenging year and will support you with our expertise along each step of your academic journey. We understand how tremendously difficult it has been for parents nation-wide during these unpredictable times, with an overwhelming closure of after-school programs, schools opting to remove or limit STEM electives and live-teaching for the year, and diffulties arising while balancing the family's health and wellness. Our live-instruction, interactive online courses provide a virtual opportunity for keeping your teens structured, active, educated, and guided, all while enjoying an enriching and rigorous learning opportunity over the coming months! PUF courses are taught in a thorough and fun way directly by our university professors and industry engineers.

Our programs are a great way for your teens to master something new, earn a Certificate, and get ahead in school! We have won multiple awards for our expertise in instruction and curriculum design when it comes to driving our students into becoming high achievers. We specialize in educating and empowering students from all types of backgrounds for a high-impact career in STEM by providing accessible and affordable, high quality opportunities that would otherwise not be possible. We will prepare your student for an outstanding college education and success in technical careers.

IMAGINE A COURSE THAT YOU'LL LOVE. Our curriculum team spends thousands of hours developing creative approaches to science, math, physics, and engineering concepts. Since 2014, we have served an ever-growing pool of 20000+ youth from all ages and backgrounds. ​Our powerful combination of dynamic teaching and unique learning experiences drives our students into becoming high achievers.

The result is a rigorous and fun learning experience that students love and cherish--a course that has a deep impact upon them! Program yoUr Future's comprehensive programs educate and empower students for excellence in the STEM and engineering fields.

Come learn directly from our highly qualified, University professors with Engineering Degrees and Teaching Credentials, and lead Industry engineers (UC Berkeley alumni) with decades of teaching expertise and 4.0s throughout their academic journeys.

Our programs are recognized by President Bill Clinton, the International Computer Science Institute, the United Nations, the national Computer Science Teachers Association, and numerous other Silicon Valley institutions and tech companies.

Program yoUr Future introduces and prepares students of all ages for the wide variety of high paying and exciting jobs in the fields of science, technology, engineering, physics, chemistry, and mathematics! Our programs significantly enhance the education of students who aspire to pursue careers in science, engineering, research, and entrepreneurship. We are proudly removing barriers to education and increasing the participation of students in the computing and STEM fields on a national basis. Our innovative and award-winning personalized learning courses build students' interest, engagement, self-efficacy, and achievement in STEM education and careers.

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STEM Academic Courses

PUF's STEM courses are exclusive live-instruction online courses that help students understand the important scientific concepts pertaining to the subject material. Unlike traditional structures at schools, our sections are small so that each student receives personalized attention and has the opportunity to effectively learn the material during the engaging lectures while also comfortably asking questions, openly discussing complex material, and collaborating with fellow students who are also learning the curriculum. Through a special link, we will invite students for live whiteboard interactive lessons, interactive problem-solving and group work, and accessing the course assignments and modules once their registration is complete. Students in PUF courses build a strong foundational knowledge of the subject matter.
We will build your knowledge (and interest!) from the ground up. Our courses will strongly develop your ability to recall and understand the major theories of the subject as aligned with national math and science standards and apply them to solve real world problems. Students will begin their journey developing a deep understanding of the fundamental concepts after which we will progress into solving higher-level, complex problems that combine knowledge across the variety of topics. Each course thoroughly covers the concepts in each subject area and rigorously prepares you for college-level courses and examinations.
PUF courses are taught by our expert and dynamic, highly educated, credentialed university professors and industry engineers with an extensive teaching background. Most students will enroll in more than one course. Traditionally, PUF courses have taken place at University of California, Berkeley. However, this school year, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, all courses are being conducted virtually. We invite students from all around to join us in this fantastic opportunity to uncover the world of STEM around us!
Enrolling in a PUF course is a great way to demonstrate your interests and achievements on your resume and future college applications. These courses are a rigorous one-of-a-kind opportunity to get a head start in your STEM academic career and confidently master your subject materials in great depth. Our organization has won multiple awards for the outstanding programs that we run for our students' academic success. Students enrolled in the academic sessions will emerge confident and comfortable in their subjects--ahead of the rest of their Class and ready to excel in the field.
If you are thinking about a STEM degree, college major, competition, or career in the future, looking to learn the subject in-depth as you prepare for your future goals, looking for key strategies in excelling at school and in examinations including APs, or just want to try out a new area in STEM altogether, PUF's STEM courses are designed just for you! Each PUF course is a rigorous, thorough, and in-depth program for students to build a strong foundational knowledge of the subject matter, get ahead of their Class, and perform well in the subjects and their examinations. Being able to cover these concepts and to adjust to the workload gives students extra time and early exposure to particularly difficult and advanced science and math concepts. Preparing for the subject beforehand and learning the key strategies for excelling at school, in examinations, and in a future career boosts the student's confidence and enables them to become a high achiever during the school year and in other aspects of their academic journeys.
With great pleasure, we invite you to complete our rigorous and thorough college preparedness courses and earn a Certificate of Achievement. PUF Certificates of Achievement are a noteworthy recognition on our students' resumes and heighten the opportunities in our students' future pursuits, including college acceptances. Come boost your resume for college admissions and career prospects! Immerse yourself in this fantastic opportunity to uncover the world of STEM around us!

Our Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

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If you are interested in studying mathematics or science at college, and wish to pursue a career in engineering or technology, you can put yourself ahead of the pack by taking our AP Examination Preparation courses in STEM subjects. In these courses at PUF, we break down all of the key elements of these subjects, with curriculum aligned with state and national standards, so you can learn the material effectively and get adequate AP subject test preparation to excel in your school subjects, examinations, and beyond!

Are you a high schooler? Pick a course, as anyone can take the CollegeBoard's AP subject examinations! Colleges like the APs because the tests make the colleges’ job easier in terms of who they will admit and who they will reject. AP tests allow colleges to easily compare you to other applicants and provide you with an excellent chance to shine. If you got a 93% on your final and a student at another high school across the country got a 91%, colleges don’t know how to compare the two grades. They don’t know whose class was harder or whose teacher was a tougher grader. But if you got a 5 on your AP exam and the other kid got a 2 or did not even bother taking it, colleges will recognize the difference in your scores as well as the initiative you actively took towards your academic goals and passion.

Colleges also use the AP tests to determine placement. Taking these exams can help you earn college credit while still in school. For example, if you do very well on the AP Chemistry, AP Physics I/II, or AP Calculus AB/BC exams, you might be exempted from certain lower division science courses and be able to double major, graduate early (and save money!), and maximize your career prospects as a result. Taking these classes will help you land your dream college acceptances and will equip you with the skills to think critically, construct solid arguments, and see many sides of an issue—skills that prepare you for college and beyond.

As you prepare to apply to college, you increase your chances of acceptance and make yourself more marketable by taking our AP courses in Physics, Chemistry, and Calculus. Our classes will make you stand out in your college apps while enabling you to confidently take CollegeBoard examinations and earn high grades in your CP/Regular, Honors, and AP classes at school too. We invite you to take this initiative and succeed ahead of your peers at school and beyond!

PUF's Math Courses

Math skills lay the basic foundation of any STEM course and career.

If you are good in your math courses, you will do well in your STEM courses such as physics, chemistry, engineering, and higher-level math courses. The knowledge of such fields is necessary for developing innovative solutions to the problems that exist in our communities today and for succeeding in school, STEM competitions, and the work environment in the long run. PUF's math courses help you develop and master the various mathematical operations that improve your critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and problem solving skills. Aligned with national math standards for the subjects and the curriculums taught at schools, our courses will ready you to become a high-achiever at school and remain competitively ahead of your peers.

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Program yoUr Future (PUF) educates and empowers students for a high-impact career in STEM by providing accessible and affordable, high quality opportunities that would otherwise not be possible.
We prepare students for an outstanding college education and success in technical careers.
Our programs are recognized by President Bill Clinton, the International Computer Science Institute, the national Computer Science Teachers Association, and numerous other Silicon Valley institutions and tech companies.
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By 2026, it is predicted that there will be 2.5 million unfilled STEM jobs.

Our model helps over 20,000 students across the globe gain success in the STEM/CS fields. Our strategies are applicable to students from all types of backgrounds.

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Through year-long educational programs with interactive live lectures and well-designed learning methods, we prepare, encourage, and guide our students to participate and persist within STEM and Computer Science. Come learn from our experienced university professors and industry engineers.

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We believe early exposure to STEM and technology is an educational priority, and a right, that must be accessible to all. PUF students walk out the door and say, ‘We’re ready!’ & ‘We belong here!’

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