Logic Gates are the building blocks of Digital Systems, allowing computers and other devices to carry out complicated operations like calculating the 50th digit of π, re-landing rockets in the middle of the ocean, delivering packages within minutes through the use of drones, and mapping the unknown physical universe and all of its wonders. Come take part in this invigorating course, where you'll learn to hack logic gates and truth tables, which are critical skills for any engineer. No prior knowledge or study is required! From the ground up, you'll develop your understanding on what are logic gates and truth tables. Come learn and practice how to represent combinational logic functions as truth tables, as Boolean expressions including various canonical forms, and as logic circuits, and how to quickly translate between these representations.

Come also learn about computer number systems! When we type words onto a computer, it will translate them into numbers. In fact, to a computer, all information is written as series of 1s and 0s. Computer number systems are how we represent numbers in a computer system architecture. Number systems are one of the most fundamental concepts that computer scientists must learn. It’s an important step for anyone who wants to become a computer scientist or programmer. So, through this course, we will also introduce you to the number systems that are essential for a computer scientist. We’ll take a deep dive into the binary, hexadecimal, and octal number systems and how to convert between them all!

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This Summer, take the initiative to master new skills and boost your resume for college admissions! No prior knowledge is necessary.

PUF is dedicated to giving our students an edge in the increasingly competitive college admissions process. If you're thinking about pursuing a STEM career, enrolling in the Hackers Academy is a great way to demonstrate your interests and achievements on your college applications.

PUF's Certificate of Achievement in Logic Gates, Truth Tables, and Computer Number Systems is a noteworthy recognition on our students' resumes. PUF students experience significantly heightened achievements and opportunities in their future pursuits, including college acceptances and career prospects.

This course is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to get a head start for your future STEM career and learn the logic that powers digital products.

Our award-winning, invigorating, and highly acclaimed instructional approach makes our courses very unique and different from all other programs and institutions.
Our Courses are
  • Aligned with the national Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Common Core Mathematics Standards, CSTA Computer Science Standards, and school curriculums.
  • Aligned with the UC’s a-g approved curriculum.
  • Taught by our expert and dynamic, highly qualified University professors with Engineering Degrees and Teaching Credentials, and lead Industry engineers (UC Berkeley alumni) with decades of teaching expertise and 4.0s throughout their academic journeys.
  • Especially designed to be taken by students before the upcoming school year in order to jump ahead of their Class and have a first look at the concepts, mastering the fundamentals of the subject.
  • Designed to enhance our students' critical thinking skills as well as quantitative and analytical skills so that our students become adept and ready to tackle the difficult load of the course.
  • Live and Interactive, with engaging lectures and problem solving sessions in small sections where students receive 1-on-1 personalized attention from the professor.
  • Designed to benefit all students including CP, Regular, Honors, AP, Self-Study, and Homeschool.
  • Rigorous and Thorough, with in-class problem solving and step-by-step guidance from the professor as well as collaborative practice sessions with their coursemates to further strengthen the concepts and boost their confidence in becoming a high achiever in the subject.
  • Well-designed, with proven strategies that give our students an edge in the increasingly competitive college admissions process.
  • Well-appreciated by our past students and their parents for helping them feel very comfortable with the course material and achieve high grades during the school year.
Most students will enroll in more than one course.

PUF students have gained admission to the country’s most selective colleges, including UC Berkeley, Stanford, MIT, and the Ivy League, and land internships with top companies, including Google, Apple, Adobe, and HPE. And our instructors are eager to help you too! Come join our program!

July 11, 2022 - August 7, 2022
with live, interactive online instruction every Friday 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM PST / 3:00 PM - 4:15 PM EST
Self-Paced, Flexible Option Prefer flexibility in your schedule? Have a scheduling conflict? We have several students in the same boat as you and have designed our programs to be self-paced and flexible for such circumstances! In this option, all instruction is pre-recorded and available for students to review within their Course portal at their own time, along with the reading materials and computer science assignments. You will not be missing any component of the program. Your instructor for the Course will also hold weekly office hours so that you may engage with them, receive their expert feedback on your deliverables, and ask any questions that may arise from the material. 
Program Fees: $399.00. PUF programs are unmatched when it comes to our high quality and low fees. We invite students from all over the country to participate in this opportunity.

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